Our Solution

eHealth Care is a system based on artificial inteligence that helps to reduce the death rate, speeding up and facilitating work in an emergency room, delivered to patients of medium and low risk: admission, measumement of vital signs, categorizing the urgency level (TRIAGE), possible diagnosis, priority and medical resolution attention. All these benefits wil be based on artificial intelligence.

Why used e-Healtcare software?


Users can identify with their fingerprint at the emergency room

Diagnostic algorithm

The software asks questions to diagnose your condition

Vital signs

Checks your vital signs


Once your diagnose is done, the software gives you two options depending on the seriousness of the condition: to treat you with online medicine or to wait professional attention, and how much you must wait.

Meet Our Doctors!


Ingrid Millar

Medicina General


Edilio Frias

Medicina General


Peter Chilovitis

Medicina General


Emilia Dominguez

Medicina General

Who we serve?

Hospital clinics

Government entities

Trade associations and clinical trials


2do Lugar “Smart Salud INACAP-InterSystems”

2do lugar “CENS Tech Challenge – ITMS”

3er lugar “Desafío Go-Innova 2019”

Pitch Competition “Make Health Colombia”

Adjudicación “Corfo Semilla Inicia”



Sabrina Sepúlveda Rivas

Ph.D. - Tecnólogo Médico


Edith Rivas Riveros

Ph.D. - MSc. - Enfermera/Matrona


Catalina Sepúlveda Rivas

Ph.D. - MSc. - Enfermera


Gaspar Sepúlveda Williams

Ingeniero desarrollador de software


Jobst Jacobsen Chilovitis

MSc. - Ingeniero Proyecto


Contact Info

Av. Libertador bernardo O'higgins 1302
Santiago centro


+56 9 9900 2082

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